Please disable page creation on the wiki temporarily

Christian Stimming christian at
Sat Nov 24 15:50:34 EST 2012

Am Samstag, 24. November 2012, 23:32:55 schrieb John Ralls:
> On Nov 24, 2012, at 7:39 PM, Christian Stimming <christian at> 
> > Sure. Jralls, gjanssens, and you already have the SysOp status (called
> > "Administrator" in the mediawiki naming). Anyone else here?
> Ah, good. I just cleaned up a few, and blocked the creators.

Thanks. I have one additional suggestion when cleaning up the spam pages: 
Please don't keep the "content was: ..." in the commit message, as it already 
contains some of the spammers' URLs. Instead, I would suggest to keep both the 
page deletion commit (errr, it's called "edit" in mediawiki) and the user 
block commit simply with an empty comment. I don't see any reason for 
recording the reason, because we only have one single reason for blocking 
users or deleting pages: spam, i.e. content that has nothing to do with 
gnucash and contains links to other sites with the obvious intention to 
increase page ranks for those URLs. As we haven't had any different reasons 
for blocking or page deletion all those years, we can very well leave the 
description lines completely empty. That saves you a few seconds of typing :-)

> It would be
> nice to have a "nuke" function that does both at once.

Yes, that would be nice, but apparently this doesn't exist.



> To answer my own question from earlier, it's possible to get an atom feed on
> the "New Pages" page. I've subscribed to that, which will prompt me to
> attack it a couple of times a day.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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