MySQL Intergration and Android App

Benjamin L. Naber benjamin at
Sun Nov 25 21:41:23 EST 2012

I hope I got the right listing for this...

Anyway, after seeing that GNUCash has been released on Google Play, I
got to playing around with GNUCash on my Ubuntu 10.04 laptop. It was
stated that Android doesn't yet support MySQL, but I'm not sure I
understood what he meant by that are there are RDBMS clients and
applications that can upload MySQL data such as QuickNote, available on
Google Play.

I had to get the 2.4 version from as the version that comes
with Ubuntu 10.04 is 2.2 or something like that. Either way, the older
version of GNUCash I had did not support MySQL for data reading/writing.

After a few rounds getting it work, and fussing with MySQL, I realized
that I was making the errors, and needed to fix myself. So I did.

I read some of the lists and from the wiki that folks want to have cross
platform access to GNUCash. There are a number of ways, none of which
seemed to me, as I know nothing compared to some of you, that there was
already something in place that will work for most, if not all.

I have GNUCash for both Windoz XP Pro, and Ubuntu. I'm able to build
MySQL database tables with each GNUCash program, if the tables did not
already exist. 

The caveat is that I'm able to access the same tables for both reading
and writing with either operating system platform. No errors have been
discovered....yet, and as long as I exit out of GNUCash on one machine
before going to another, GNUCash doesn't have any issues.

So, what I'd like to do is this. I have setup a small oscommerce and
MySQL database webserver that I would like some of the developers to
reply to me direct who is interested, and I will provide access details.
I'm looking for your feed back as to how well it performs for you over a
internet connection that goes out of my city, state, and possibly

Should this be successful, I'm looking to market this on the
website to users of GNUCash and other database users who only need one
or a small amount of hosted databases for a small amount of cash each

Of course, financial donations will be made to to show my
appreciation as I know nothing of coding.

~Benjamin Naber
678-828-4011 ext 200

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