Simultaneous release of gnucash and gnucash-docs ?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Oct 2 16:51:24 EDT 2012

My suggestion of a couple of weeks back to do a release for gnucash-docs 
lead to some improvements in the GnuCash documentation. Great !

So once Cristian finishes his last edits, I will plan for that release. 
However, bug 661705 [1] may complicate things a little. The essence of 
that bug is that yelp has changed the default paths where it looks for 
gnome help files. Fixing this required the installation part of 
gnucash-docs to install in the new paths. On the gnucash-docs side, this 
is a trivial fix.

The trouble is, that with the new paths, gnucash (2.4.x) won't find its 
help files anymore, as it is hard-wired to find them in the old 
location. Trunk doesn't have this problem anymore, because it depends on 
yelp to find the help files for it.

So I'm not sure how to proceed here. I can go two ways:
- fix gnucash 2.4.x to find the help files in the new location as well. 
In that case, gnucash and gnucash-docs have to be released together. An 
older gnucash won't find the files if they come from a newer gnucash-docs.
- let the bug exist for 2.4, and only fix it in trunk. When gnucash 2.6 
is released, gnucash-docs 2.6 should be released as well. Without the 
fix in gnucash-docs gnucash in trunk won't find its help files.

The bug was my primary trigger to look into a new documentation release. 
I think the yelp issue exists for quite some time now. It was already 
mentioned in a downstream debian bug in 2008. So I would prefer to fix 
it for 2.4, but that's my preference only.

What do others think ?



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