General Ledger Seg Fault

Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at
Fri Oct 5 05:10:26 EDT 2012


Your change at r22289 is causing the General Ledger to seg fault:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007ffff7baaf65 in gnc_split_reg_change_style (gsr=0x0, style=
    at /home/gnucash-dev/svncheckouts/gnucash-clean/src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c:1520
1520	    SplitRegister *reg = gnc_ledger_display_get_split_register

You can see that a null pointer is passed to
gnc_split_reg_change_style. This seems to be because in
gnc-plugin-page-register2.c from line 970 on, you skip the code where
priv->gsr is set, so later on it fails.

I created the fault by opening a test file and opening a general
ledger with tools->general ledger.

Also, the splash screen seems to be staying on in recent versions of
gnucash on start-up rather than closing. I'm not sure when this began
but I think you may have been making changes that may have affected
this area, but perhaps not. Have you noticed this behaviour as well?



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