Bug in Reconciliation & Subaccounts

Jesse Weinstein jesse at wefu.org
Wed Oct 17 02:40:34 EDT 2012

I just ran across an odd bug with reconciliation and subaccounts. I had
a transaction that moved money from a subaccount into a toplevel
account, and when I went to reconcile it, the checkmarks were out of
sync. Usually, subaccount transactions appear on both sides, and can be
checked or unchecked as a group, not changing the difference at all.
This, however, could only be checked on one side at a time, and switched
the sign of the difference, corospondingly.

I solved the problem by deleting the transaction and re-creating it, so
I don't have it in front of me to try and debug (although I do have the
logs and autosave files, I suppose).  But I wanted to report it to the
list, for posterity, and in case someone else wants to take the time to
track it down.

Jesse Weinstein

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