Release Builds 2.5.0 Failed (2.4.12 has finished)

Christian Stimming christian at
Tue Apr 2 11:57:47 EDT 2013

Zitat von Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>:
>> Triggered, and it definitely made it past the gnome step.  Right now
>> it's building the gnucash code itself so I would call it progress.
>> If this succeeds then we probably need to re-tag 2.5.0.  I'll keep an
>> eye out and send another message.
> FYI, trunk seems to have built correctly..  Now it's doing the "daily"
> weekly build of 2.4.  Perhaps we should reduce that to weekly again?  :)

Good. This means we need to re-tag 2.5.0 with current trunk, as the of the tag itself wouldn't build.

Yes, the 2.4 branch can be switched back to weekly build. This was  
done by locally editing the file - the file is still  
open in the text editor on the server, probably.



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