Building GnuCash on Windows - The tweaks I've done to make it work

Richard Thomas richdthomas at
Tue Apr 2 17:49:25 EDT 2013


I have been trying to build GnuCash on Windows and hit quite a few issues
on the way.

I notice that there are two places where there are details on how to build
on Windows as follows:

Onc is

The other is the $GLOBAL_DIR/gnucash/repos/packaging/win32/README file.

When looking at both of them, I notice the readme file seems more
up-to-date than the wiki article.

So going by the readme, I ran into issues and updated it each time I found
a way round each issue.  I've attached the readme to this email.

Some changes are cosmetic to help me understand how the build process it
all fits together, some are reasonable (Activestate PERL URL being out of
date), some are improvements to make parts of it easier, some may be
genuine bug fixes, some may not be best practice etc.  You see what I'm
getting at, I just kept on manipulating whatever files I needed until it
got to the end of the build process error free.

To see what changes I have made to the readme, I've put my text between
"RichT edit, text new [BEGIN]:" and "RichT edit, text new [END]:".  E.G.

RichT edit, text new [BEGIN]:
Example new text of mine
RichT edit, text new [END]:

I've also put my text that I've made obsolete between "RichT edit, text old
[BEGIN]:" and "RichT edit, text old [END]:".

Please can this be reviewed by whoever has the authority over this part of
Gnucash and perhaps be integrated into the readme file and wiki article.

If I am going about this the wrong way, please let me know.


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