sale of stock - transaction posts incorrectly

Keith Bellairs keith at
Mon Apr 8 12:28:34 EDT 2013

I sold a security and entered the amount received in the "Sell" column. I
entered an asset account (say my checking account) as the "Transfer"
account in the ledger. After saving the transaction, I jump to the transfer
account and find that the transaction has been entered with no amount
entered as either a debit or credit -- just blanks. So that seriously
unbalances my books. If I try to manually enter the debit amount in the
receiving asset account, then the account window for that account freezes,
in that I cannot move out of the highlighted broken transaction. If I then
try to close the receiving account window I get the warning that there is a
pending transaction. Clicking Save Transaction allows the window to close,
but no amount is recorded with the transaction.

When I try this with a different security gnc works correctly. So something
about this particular security account is busted. Interestingly, dividend
transactions for the broken security post the income side of the
transaction correctly.

If I open the security account and go to Actions -> View Lots ... I see a
bunch of lots are there. I must have played with trying to set up lots for
the account once upon a time. Might even be something pathological about
having imported it and lots from Quicken 20 years ago or so. Any
suggestions on what to look for to repair the account?

Using gnc 2.4.11 in fedora 16 with kde. Problem occurs with both the
sqllite and xml versions of my gnc file.

Any thoughts? Hope this is a known bug.

Keith Bellairs

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