Uploading the 2.4.13 release...

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sun Apr 21 11:05:08 EDT 2013

Hi Christian,

I was able to access the vmhost console (after a couple of attempts) and have uploaded the new 2.4.13 
setup.exe to code.gnucash.org.


On Sunday 21 April 2013 13:54:21 Christian Stimming wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> I still don't get into the vmhost console. The 2.4.13 setup.exe apparently
> finished to build, but the upload failed, similarly to the 2.4.12 exe. (I
> know, you already said we should fix this, but I said there won't be another
> 2.4.x... obviously you were right.)
> The easiest fix is for you to upload the 2.4.13 setup.exe manually. It
> should be in /c/soft/gnucash-2.4.13/gnucash/, IIRC. Unfortunately I still
> can't connect to the vmserver console - I still get an empty browser window
> instead of the login screen. Can you please upload the binary? Thanks!
> Christian
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