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Carsten Rinke carsten.rinke at gmx.de
Sun Apr 28 04:20:25 EDT 2013

Hi Shahram,

I'd suggest that you put your ideas into Bugzilla bug reports and mark 
them as "enhancements".
(see also http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla)

- Be very precise about what you suggest, and give as much context 
details as possible.
- file one bug per idea, do not put many ideas in to few bugs, this will 
be hard to track

To give you an idea what other readers might not fully understand 
(meaning right now: what I do not understand):

- allow multiple row selection in "main window"
-> what is a "main window"? For me, the main window is the part where 
the accounts list, the reports, and the account registers are tabbed. So 
my guess is, you refer to the account registers, but, as said, this is 
only a guess.

- allow deletion without reconciliation
-> deletion of what? Accounts? Transactions? Splits? Budgets? Scheduled 
transactions? ... you see what I mean?

- allow deletion of transaction
-> this is already possible in the account registers. Does that delete 
button is not working for you?

- Transfer column
-> again guessing that you now switched context to option selection in 
the report option selection dialog. Obviously, there are some options 
that you would like to be grouped. In case you file an enhancement bug, 
name at least some of the reports, if not all, that you want to have 
improved, and name exactly which options you are referring to and how 
you propose to have them grouped.

- automatically delete files from the GnuCash folder
-> please describe, why the given possibilities (given in the 
preferences) are not sufficient from your point of view to achieve this 

Having said this, I do not mean to discourage you. The more precise you 
are, the higher the chance the others understand your point, the higher 
the chance your wishes come true :-) )

Kind regards,

On 04/28/2013 12:12 AM, Shahram wrote:
> Hi
> Just a few suggestions for GnuCash
> Best wishes
> Shahram
> ------------------------------------------------
> In main window and reconcile window
> Allow multiple row selection
> Allow multiple row deletion
> In main window
> Allow deletion without reconciliation
> Allow deletion of transaction
> Transfer column
> For a faster choice of the options, allow hierarchical selection where
> you could open and close main and sub categories
> allow exports directly to spreadsheets
> automatically delete extra files and logs from the Gnucash folder
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