Price preference

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Dec 5 04:34:57 EST 2013

When asking for an exchange rate, the transfer dialog looks up existing exchange 
rates to propose the best match.

It looks for a match in this order:
from-currency -> to-currency, exact date
to-currency -> from-currency, exact date
from-currency -> to-currency, date nearest in time
to-currency -> from-currency, date nearest in time

The first search that returns a valid price is used.
My test data has prices in both directions and the
to-currency -> from-currency has prices closer to the date I'm searching a price for. 
However with the above search order, it will prefer the
from-currency -> to-currency rate, because that's found first.

Would it make sense to change the search to look for the nearest in time 
regardless of conversion direction and use that instead ?


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