General Ledger - Can't Enter Transaction Amounts

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Sat Dec 7 13:50:04 EST 2013

On 12/6/2013 9:29 AM, David Carlson wrote:
> On 12/5/2013 5:51 AM, Geert Janssens wrote:
>> On Monday 02 December 2013 08:45:32 John Ralls wrote:
>>> On Dec 2, 2013, at 7:52 AM, Ted Baker <ted at> wrote:
>>>>   Good Morning to the group;
>>>>   When using versions GnuCash 2.5.8 and GnuCash 2.5.9 I am unable to
>>>>   enter new transactions via the general ledger. The dollar amount
>>>>   entered in either the "Funds In" or "Funds Out" column disappear
>>>>   when I proceed to the next line in the split. I can enter the
>>>>   transaction but it is saved without any data for funds in or out.
>>>>   Transactions entered through individual account register show up
>>>>   okay
>>>>   in the general ledger. And I can edit an existing transaction via
>>>>   the
>>>>   general ledger; just can't create a new transaction.
>>>>   This error occurs when using the SQLite3 back end as well as with
>>>>   the
>>>>   XML back end.
>>>>   Currently testing Windows Vista and gnuCash 2.5.9.
>>>>   Anybody else experiencing the same issue?
>>> Yup, I see it on OSX as well.
>> I don't see this on Fedora 19 with the latest trunk. So either it has been fixed between 2.5.9 
>> and trunk, or it's a platform dependent issue.
>>> Another new issue with 2.5.9: The Tip of the Day preference isn't
>>> getting saved, so the dialog displays at every startup.
>> I don't see this either. I can toggle the preference (both on the dialog window or in the general 
>> preferences) and it is respected at startup.
>> Geert
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> I just tried this in the nightly build of Windows 2.5.9 dated 12/04 in a
> Windows XP 32 bit environment.  The keystroke sequence was slightly
> different.  I opened the general ledger and, while sitting in the blank
> transaction at the bottom of the window I started to enter a
> description.  Once I had some text in the description field I pressed
> tab.  The results were not always the same.  The first time I got an
> error <Glib-ERROR (recursed)**: gmem.c239: failed to allocate 88 bytes
> aborting...>. GnuCash crashed. The third time, when I was trying to
> verify what actual keystrokes triggered the error I did not get the
> error, but GnuCash created a new transaction with an orphan category.  I
> will need to do more testing to get to the bottom of this.
> David C
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Further testing of December 4 build I have not been able to repeat the
crash, but now I can create a transaction in the blank transaction area
of the ledger view but I cannot change or enter values until after I
have used the enter key to accept the partial transaction and it has
moved out of the new transaction area at the bottom of the window.
Curiously, If the transaction is populated by the type-ahead feature, I
can then change amount values in the new transaction area of the General
Ledger view, but if I fill in accounts manually in the new transaction
area then press enter and the transaction moves into the existing
transaction area, I still cannot enter amounts while in the general
ledger.  I need to jump to one of the account registers from the ledger
register before I can enter an amount.  If I try to enter an amount in
the ledger view but Jump without cancelling or accepting the failed
edit, then I cannot edit from the other side because GnuCash thinks I
have a pending edit elsewhere.

David C
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