Settings schema 'org.gnucash.general' is not installed

Michael Iles michael.iles at
Tue Dec 10 21:12:54 EST 2013

(Ubuntu 13.10)

I'm trying to use the Python bindings so I built the head of the
repository using:

 ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash-devel --enable-debug
--enable-profile --enable-register2 --enable-ofx --enable-etags
--enable-ctags --enable-doxygen --enable-dot --enable-html-docs
--enable-latex-docs --enable-python

I created this script:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import gnucash
session = gnucash.Session()

And I get this output:

% /opt/gnucash-devel/bin/gnucash-env python test
* 21:09:52 OTHER <GLib-GIO> Settings schema 'org.gnucash.general' is
not installed
[1]    32166 trace trap (core dumped)
/opt/gnucash-devel/bin/gnucash-env python test

I don't know anything about GConf or GSetings but on a whim [1] [2] I did this:

% glib-compile-schemas /opt/gnucash-devel/share/glib-2.0/schemas

Which didn't make any difference. I do note though that the 'schemas'
dir above doesn't have a file called 'org.gnucash.general.gschema.xml'
in it. Is that a problem?

Any advice appreciated!



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