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On 12/10/2013 12:40 PM, John Ralls wrote:
> As we get down to the wire for releasing GnuCash 2.6, we still have 45 open documentation bugs. You can see the list at; each bug on that list is a clickable link to the details.
> If you’ve been looking for a way to contribute to Gnucash (or even if you haven’t ;-) ) but can’t contribute code for whatever reason, working on the documentation would be an excellent way to help.
> Following the Gnome practice we use DocBook. Gnome has a nice manual for writing documentation, including DocBook, at 
> Regards,
> John Ralls
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I just took another look at that DocBook reference and got overwhelmed
again by references to using multiple programs that do not run in
Windows, SVN, stylesheets, XML, etc., which reminds me of why I have
been submitting my documentation requests (several of those 45) in plain
text.  That seems to be where they end, because I am not ready to spend
several weeks learning how to get those programs running, etc.  If
someone knows how to convert text into appropriate XML with valid tags,
etc., I wish they would go ahead and do it.  Then I could let loose with
a whole bunch of additional documentation bugs.

David C

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