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Wed Dec 11 22:53:10 EST 2013

On Dec 11, 2013, at 2:41 PM, Robert Ratliff <ratliff.bobby at> wrote:

> One suggestion:
> 1. Create a new page on the wiki, and paste in a chapter's worth or a
> section's worth of documentation into the page. Save the page. Be sure
> to refer to what version you're pasting in there as the "base version."
> 2. Then re-open the page for editing, make your changes, saving as you
> go. These changes would represent the changes that you're suggesting the
> developers make to the official (DocBook) documentation.
> 3. The wiki will keep track of the revision history. This gives two
> benefits: for writers, it is easy to make changes, and for the
> developers, they can use the wiki's history/comparison tools to figure
> out what changes the person is suggesting, then migrate that to the
> actual docbook.
> Thoughts?
> Also, for the "base version" in step (1) is there an easy way for
> contributors to see the nightly HTML build of the gnucash-docs repository?

There's a nightly of the docs?

If no one beats me to it, I'll test round-tripping to the wiki with pandoc this weekend or next week. If that works,
it will be the fastest way to make the docs editable by non programmers. I like the idea of using the wiki's VC to 
separate changes for committing.

John Ralls

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