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> Il 03/12/2013 20.02, Robert Ratliff ha scritto:
>> What's the best way to link from the help to the guide? In this case, I'm
>> writing about two business import menu items (help section that
>> are optional modules. The modules are documented in Chapter 18 of the
>> guide. I'd like to link from the help to the guide so that readers can find
>> more information about these modules.
> Sorry, but AFAIK this is not possible with the docbook version used for
> the GnuCash help and guide. If it would be possible, there would be some
> usercase where this would not be a good idea: for example in pdf, mob and
> epub files of guide and help, although the linking would be great for html
> and integrated help.
>> I see one other place where this is done, help section 7.8 "Loan
>> Repayment Calculator" includes a link to the guide. (It uses a URL to
>>, so unfortunately the link is broken)
>>  This deserves to be a bug that I will correct soon. IMHO this is not a
> recommended way to link guide/help because it will not work if you don't
> have an internet connection.
> Regards
> Cristian
To cross-reference with a hot-link across help manuals do, for example,
from the gnucash-guide, to get to gnucash-help:

  ... <ulink type="help"
url="ghelp:gnucash-help?num-action-book-option">Use Split Action Field for
Number</ulink> ...

in the <entry> or <para>.

This works in a linux environment, but I don't know about Win/Mac or pdf,


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