Documentation file format

Mike Alexander mta at
Mon Dec 16 19:32:56 EST 2013

On Dec 16, 2013, at 5:49 PM, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
> All of which is utterly moot, because it doesn’t work with our documents: It requires that you open each file separately for editing. It will display the whole document just fine, but it won’t let you edit anything that’s in a separate file. It’s too dumb, even when the master document is opened as a document set, to go look at the master document for the attribute references, so none of the chapter files will load.

Editing entities inline is tougher than you think because entities can have quite a different environment than the parent document.  This is probably not true of GnuCash documents, but in the general case can be.  I was involved  in implementing that one time and it's not trivial.  It's more likely that they allow editing of XIncludes inline than entities (although I haven't looked so I don't know for sure) and we could probably change things to use them instead of entities.


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