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Fri Dec 20 13:34:50 EST 2013

Hi Geert,

If you're already well into solving the problem, I'd be very happy to try and help with that effort. I will take a look at your repository at some point during the next few days.

Would you expect this to work under 64 bit versions of Windows, or are the other comments about this still relevant? I must say I'm a bit confused that some replies, like that from Christian suggest that it should just work under the right Windows, whereas you're implying it doesn't, presumably at least partly because the various needed repositories are out of sync with the instructions.

Have I understood correctly.



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On Friday 20 December 2013 14:25:26 Gary Bilkus wrote:
> I will probably set up a dedicated linux box to do any actual
> development, but the end result has to work for other people who only
> have Windows knowledge and are not willing to mess around with
> virtual systems etc.
> Since I have no right to expect that any changes I make will end up in
> the official build, I need to satisfy myself that I can build on
> Windows first.
> Gary


Thank you for your interest in working on GnuCash on Windows.

I have been working for some time on making this easier in a private repository. I won't get 
this ready in time for the pending 2.6 release,  but expect this to be available somewhere in 
January/February 2014.

The changes I'm talking about are pretty fundamental, like instead of having to go through 
several manual steps to get started, I created one single bootstrap script that should get you 
going. I updated the base mingw environment to much more recent tool versions,...
It's not ready yet. I'm currently at the point that all dependencies build successfully in the 
updated environment, but gnucash itself still fails to build.

This is not helping you right now with your attempt to build gnucash on Windows. I'm mostly 
bringing it up for a couple reasons:
- you may want to postphone your experiments a few months to enjoy the improved setup.
- with this overhaul getting near, it may not make much sense to try and fix the old build 
- or you may be interested in helping out on getting this branch fixed. I have pushed it to for now.

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