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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 23 15:22:22 EST 2013


Dmitry Pavlov <zeldigas at> writes:

> Hi,
> is there any tools (functions) in guile lib for reports to perform
> something more difficult and customizable then simple linear placement of
> report options (one after another from top to bottom of popup menu)? I've
> tried to find something but without any result.

Not really.  It's pretty limited.

> It would be great to have ability to group a some of options on 1 line at
> least.

You can.  E.g. take a look at Edit -> Preferences -> Business, under
"Bills" you'll see "Notify when due" and then "Days in advance" on the
same line.

>        As an example usage: a text field that is dependent on combobox
> selection (for some options it is enabled and for others it is not) and
> it's positioned right after this combobox on the same line.

AFAIK there is currently no widget defined that will let you have a text
box dependent on a combobox.  There is a way to make an option dependent
on a checkbox.  For example take a look at Edit -> Preferences ->
Scheduleds Transaction -- the "Notify before transactions are created"
options is dependent on "Auto-create new transactions".

> Something similiar has date selection control but it seems that it's
> hardcoded control and it's not possible to create the same using only
> scheme code.

Yes, that would be hard coded.

You're welcome to implement a new type of preference that has the GUI
properties you desire.  That would require hacking in C/GTK first for
the GUI side and then you could use it in Scheme.


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