Screen shots and blurb wanted !

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Dec 29 08:54:43 EST 2013

On Saturday 28 December 2013 22:02:12 Cristian Marchi wrote:
> Il 27/12/2013 20:16, Geert Janssens ha scritto:
> > For now I have put your screenshots in the images/features directory
> > on the website. I needed them to be available online before release
> > to fix the appdata xml file. But please do use them for a nice
> > feature page on the website as well !
> I've created a 2.6-release folder under images to collect all
> screenshoots for the 2.6 release page.
> > > I will try to put up a page to showcase major improvements in the
> > > 2.6
> > > 
> > > release. In the above screenshots I've captured only the new
> > > feature I
> > > 
> > > was able to reproduce: if someone has a request for a particular
> > > new
> > > 
> > > feature, please tell me and I will try to document it.
> > 
> > Such a page would be great. The main new features are repeated in
> > the
> > most recent release notes. If you need help presenting any of those,
> > just shout.
> The page is almost ready. It can be reached here:
> Can someone proof-read the page? If I forgot something please tell me
> so that I can add it!

Hi Cristian,

Thanks a lot for your work on the tour page.

Reading it shows an impressive amount of new features!

These are my comments on the page:

The layout has a few odd twists on my Fedora 19 machine using Firefox.
I have uploaded a screenshot of how it looks:

- The pictures all align to the left in a frame that spans the full main block. Yet the captions 
are centered in the same box. I presume you intended both of them to align centered ?

- The caption text is rather tiny on my system and very hard to read.

- The heading of each new feature stick pretty close to the screenshot area of the previous 
feature. That way it looks like the title belongs to the previous screenshot. Some added 
whitespace would fix that.

And lastly you have copied a typo from Bob's suggestion on duplicating invoices. It now reads
One click duplication of invoinces
instead of
One click duplication of invoices

Thanks again for working on this.


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