Announcement: GnuCash 2.6.0 Released

John Ralls jralls at
Tue Dec 31 09:55:46 EST 2013

On Dec 30, 2013, at 10:54 PM, Graham Leggett <minfrin at> wrote:

> On 31 Dec 2013, at 8:46 AM, Graham Leggett <minfrin at> wrote:
>>> The Gnucash 2.6.0 MacOSX package can be downloaded from Sourceforge as well.
>> Has anyone successfully got the MacOSX binary to start up?
>> I download it, I copy it to applications, I double click on "Gnucash", the splash screen appears for a brief fraction of a second, and then the application exists, logging the following:
>> 2013/12/31 8:42:25,690 AM[285]: ([0x0-0x81e21da].org.gnucash.Gnucash[30105]) Exited with code: 1
> More information, attempting to run gnucash from the command line fails as follows:
> Little-Net:Testing minfrin$
> Application Path /Applications/Testing/
> (process:30185): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
> 	Using the fallback 'C' locale.
> Backtrace:
> In /Applications/Testing/
>  76: 0* [setlocale 0 ""]
> /Applications/Testing/ In procedure setlocale in expression (setlocale LC_ALL ""):
> /Applications/Testing/ Invalid argument

Cool. We see that on Gramps with Debian a lot because it doesn't enable locales by default, but I've never seen it either on GnuCash or on a Mac.

What locale settings are you using?

If you change your locale to en_US with defaults as explained at does it work?

John Ralls

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