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Derek Atkins derek at
Sun Feb 3 09:15:41 EST 2013

On Sun, February 3, 2013 8:11 am, Mike Evans wrote:

> Migration fails for me.
> Cloned the new git repo. just fine but then I'm asked multiple times for
> my ssh password when doing "git svn init ...", until I got locked out.

If you're asked for your password then things are wrong.  Code will never
accept a password, so if it asks you might as well quit out.  If you quit
then you might not get locked out.

But this implies your ssh key isn't around.  Can you just do a normal svn
svn+ssh:// command from the same account?

> I'll ask Derek for an unlock when he's online then try again.
> Any thoughts?

Check your SVN URL and SSH config locally?  Although if you were able to
get a git checkout from code then you SHOULD be able to use SVN -- the
keys should be the same set.

> Mike Evans


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