Gnucash 2.5/6

John Ralls jralls at
Thu Feb 7 13:32:10 EST 2013

Geert mentioned in the Notification Emails thread that he'd like to get 2.6 released in less than a year, and Christian was pushing to do so this time *last* year. On the principle that "Release is a misnomer. Software is never released, it escapes." [1], it's probably time to release 2.5.0 so that we can at least start down that road. Shall we say feature freeze now, string freeze in July, 2.6 release 1 November?

Or is anyone actively working on features that should go in? What became of the rewrite of the register to GtkTreeView? Failing that, has anyone taken a shot at rewriting it with Cairo instead of libgnome? Note that I'm not proposing a Gtk3 migration for 2.6: We're doing that at Gramps, and MSWin is proving to be troublesome. In fact, it appears that no one is supporting Gtk3-MSWin at the moment.

John Ralls

[1] I don't know where that originated. My wife brought it with her from DEC, where it was apparently a truism.

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