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Mon Feb 11 14:41:00 EST 2013

On 2/11/2013 12:21 PM, Derek Atkins wrote:
> David,
> David Carlson <carlson.dl at> writes:
>> Also please keep in mind your goals regarding database filetypes.
> I have no idea what this means in terms of the existing discussion.
> Being able to have multi-user support has nothing to do with "database
> filetypes".  It's completely about change-notification, client-side
> caching, and cache coherency.
>> David C
> -derek
So all your discussion about C++ , GTK this and that would not change if
you were planning to drive a database engine with a lot of relationships
defined by a database structure as opposed to hard coding all data
relationships.  Or maybe you are planning to but just haven't said so in
any of the emails that I read.  Or maybe all of your code modules have
such clean, well structured input and output interfaces that they can be
used either way.

Tell me that change-notification, client-side caching, and cache
coherency occupy such a large part of your development time that overall
program structure is immaterial.

I thought that knowing whether or not this is a goal might be an
opportunity to reduce the development time since you already have a good
start on database development.

David C
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