Beyond 2.6 (was:Re: Gnucash 2.5/6)

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Feb 11 16:21:15 EST 2013

Am Montag, 11. Februar 2013, 10:36:31 schrieb John Ralls:
> > I was just pointing out that if we had to spend a lot of time migrating
> > to Gtk3 we might be better off spending the time migrating to something
> > else.
> OK. In fact we've (meaning Geert's) already done 90% of the job. All that's
> left is fixing the register to draw with Cairo surfaces instead of the
> ancient libgnome stuff. Not an easy job, but much easier than porting
> everything to Qt.

Very good.

> > I still wish I had written QOF in C++ instead of C a decade ago.  :-(
> Me too. But that's not too hard to fix, once I figure out how to get GObject
> to inherit from a C++ object. The answer is no doubt somewhere in glibmm.
> But it's not quite time for that yet.

Have a look at the existing cutecash code: In 
src/optional/gtkmm/gncmm/Account.hpp there's an gnc::Account, and as you see 
there, the module has a gnc::GncInstance base class that wraps the QofInstance 
"object" that manages the qof parts. This in turn is derived from Glib::Object 
which is the C++ version of a GObject.  In my opinion, this wrapping of 
GObject and also (while it still exists) QofInstance in the end looks very 
well possible and the resulting C++ classes look well enough like a real C++ 

Disclaimer for all other readers: The C++ part of this discussion is currently 
only an academic one. It has not yet anything to do with the real work that is 
done in the coming months.



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