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John Ralls <jralls at> writes:

> On Feb 15, 2013, at 11:08 AM, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
>> John Ralls <jralls at> writes:
>>> Gnucash isn't written that way, but it can be fixed. It just takes
>>> someone to do the work -- though if we want it done in our lifetimes,
>>> several someones.
>> Right, that was my point...  GnuCash isn't written as an MVC.  And even
>> if it was, it's hard to say how the V would interact with the M and C
>> interactively...
> Why hard to say? MVC isn't exactly cutting-edge design. It's been
> around since 1988 and 7 years later GoF thought it so well-understood
> that it's the "how to use patterns" example in the introduction.

Well, the point is that every time the user leaves a field you need to
parse all the input fields and process them in the controller/model as
part of the validation, even if the user hasn't asked to 'save' yet.

I guess it all depends on your controller APIs.  (In the RoR world this
is harder to do, because the view is in the browser, but the model and
controllers are on the server -- and there is no "verify this model" API
in the controller.  At least not directly.  The client-side-validations
gem adds some support for this).

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