Bugzilla default/QA assignees

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Sat Feb 23 11:19:43 EST 2013

Am Montag, 18. Februar 2013, 17:09:20 schrieb John Ralls:
> The default assignee field is mostly used to determine who gets bugmail for
> a particular component. Some of the assignments make sense, like having me
> be the default for Mac bugs, some not so much, like Chris Shoemaker for
> budget bugs: He hasn't been around for a long time.
> It also makes it hard for non-bugzilla-admins to set themselves up for
> bugmail on new bugs, because the mechanism for doing so is to "watch"
> another user. Watching a real user means that you get bug mail not only for
> the bugs that that user is the default assignee,QA contact, or added to the
> CC list, but also for every bug that user comments on. Not really useful
> unless you're a stalker.
> The mainstream Gnome approach is to have fake users for default assignees;
> for example, the Gtk Quartz backend has gtk-quartz-maint at gnome.bugs, which
> I watch so that I get bug mail for any of those. I propose doing the same
> for our gnucash components, with a per-component address for default
> assignee and a gnucash-bugs address for QA assignee to make it easy to get
> all bugmail.
> I'll change the components, but I can't create the users because I don't
> have privs for doing that.

+1 on the proposal, absolutely.

But I didn't understand who needs to do the next step here. Where do we have 
to create the users? In bugzilla or as mailing lists on gnucash.org?



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