Lot transfers

Peter Dey gnucash at realmtech.net
Wed Jan 23 06:52:03 EST 2013

Hi all,

I've got a bit over AU$100 credit leftover at a freelance developer site called 

I'd like to create a project on the site to fund the implementation of the lot 
transfer functionality described here:


Since I know very little about GnuCash's internal architecture, I was hoping 
someone here would be willing to help me write the specification to ensure it's 
done in a way suitable to be merged into the mainline, for everyone to benefit 
from it.

As far as I can tell, it would involve:

1. Addition of a checkbox to the New/Edit account screens to mark an account as 
   a "lot account"
2. A hook somewhere auto-create a new lot when there's a new entry.  Code    
   could probably be borrowed from the scrubber?
3. (personal preference, not on the wiki) add a column to "lot accounts" to show 
   the lot title against every split
4. Assume LIFO like the scrubber does -- add a hook to auto-assign (and close) 
   lots on outgoing transactions.  Again,. probably could be borrowed from 
   the lot scrubber.
5. The most complicated: alter the data structure to remove the tie between lots 
   and accounts (i.e., guid only).  This will probably need changes in other 
   places that make an assumption or have a dependency that lot guids lie in a 
   single account.  I can only think of the lot scrubber at the moment?
6. Assuming it would go into a future release of GnuCash, presumably some logic 
   to upgrade the data file/database schema

Any and all help appreciated...


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