Issue running git-svn-mirror script on code

Yawar Amin yawar.amin at
Thu Jan 24 22:02:54 EST 2013

On 2013-01-23 10:21, Derek Atkins wrote:
> [...]
> The next step will be to get gitolite to push to github, but we don't
> want to set that up until everyone is ready to reset github.

I'm ready if everyone else is (git format-patch and am worked smoothly).
If anyone's curious:

$ git checkout my-branch
$ git format-patch --stdout trunk >mbox # Puts patches of all commits
from trunk (exclusive) to HEAD (inclusive), in correct order, into mbox
$ git checkout -b my-branch trunk
$ git am $OLD_REPO_DIR/mbox
$ # Check new repo before doing the next step
$ rm -rf $OLD_REPO_DIR



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