[gnucash-htdocs] Change GnuCash website `Mailing Lists' link name

Yawar Amin yawar.amin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 00:16:06 EST 2013


On 2013-01-15 19:03, Yawar Amin wrote:
> [...]
> What I did like was John's idea of having a prominent `Need Help?'
> section right on the front page, `above the fold' as they say in web
> design speak. I guess that would put it above the News section. This
> would tell the reader to send an email/subscribe to gnucash-user. I can
> put together a patch probably this weekend to try it out--if nobody
> beats me to it.

It took me another week :-) but I figured I'd better get to it with the
SourceForge exposure coming up soon. So here's a patch which adds the
proposed `Need Help?' section. My first time working with a PHP
templated HTML page, so would appreciate any pointers.

Note: might not commit cleanly because it's based off a private commit
I've made on top of (current) beta.



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diff --git a/index.phtml b/index.phtml
index 50ff5e4..901a2bc 100644
--- a/index.phtml
+++ b/index.phtml
@@ -72,6 +72,16 @@ include("externals/menu.phtml");
 <a href="<?=$home?>/features.phtml"><?php echo T_("<b>Discover more...</b>");?></a>
+<div id="needhelp">
+  <h1><?= echo T_("Need Help?"); ?></h1>
+  <p><?= echo T_("Looking for someone to contact about GnuCash? Try
+  the") ?>
+  <a href="http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists"><?=T_("Mailing
+  Lists") ?></a><?= T_(", which are public, email-based discussion
+  groups where you can ask and answer GnuCash questions.") ?></p>
 <div id="newscontainer">
 <h1><?php echo T_("News"); ?></h1>
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