Github reset

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Jan 31 09:18:31 EST 2013

I think everything is in place to switch the master git repositories to and proceed with the github reset. The repos are 
configured at, the trigger to push all updates to a 
slave repo (github) are in place.

The only thing left, is to actually do it. From what I can see, this 
requires some coordination between John and Derek as they manage the two 
servers involved in the switch.

Here's what has to happen IMO:
- Disable the push to github on John's server
- Rename the current github repositories
- Create new, empty repositories on github
- Set the origin parameters in the gitolite repos to point at the new 
github repos
- manually push once (git push --all in each gitolite repo)
- update our git wiki page to explain the old repos will be available 
for a while to help migrating
- (optionally) John's server could be configured to push to the renamed, 
old repos for as long as we want to keep them alive

Did I miss anything ? Does any step require more details ?

If not, I'll leave it up to John and Derek to pick a date and time to do 
the work.


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