GnuCash+git development process with multiple branches?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 1 09:29:24 EDT 2013

Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:

>> When was this fixed?  I just looked at the repos in gitolite and HEAD
>> points to refs/heads/master which doesn't exist in either gnucash.git or
>> gnucash-docs.git.  (It exists in gnucash-htdocs.git).
> Er, right. It's only fixed in gnucash-htdocs as that is now a pure git
> repository. I didn't want to risk the fragile git-svn link by using
> such fancy stuff as ref aliases.
> Sorry for the confusion.

Right, so back to my original questions: How should I set up this local
cache master-repo, and how do I get it to 'fetch' properly?  I suppose I
could use github instead of code and just repoint the origin once we
migrate the repo fully to git.  But that just seems so... wrong.

> Geert
>>> It's not clear to me in which repo your git fetch command failed. Did
>>> you run this command in the bare repo to synchronize with
>>>, or was it in a clone of your bare repo to get this
>>> clone up to date with the bare repo ?
>> The bare repo.  I did:
>> git clone --bare ssh://
>> cd gnucash.git
>> git fetch --all
>> And this last command failed as above.
>>> Geert
>> -derek


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