gnucash git line endings (CR/LF)?

Derek Atkins derek at
Mon Jul 1 11:09:39 EDT 2013

On Mon, July 1, 2013 10:44 am, Geert Janssens wrote:

> Christian also mentioned this problem last week (mail titled re: Github
> repo on June 23rd).

I remembered seeing something about that a few weeks ago but I didn't mark
the message and couldn't find it in a quick search.  I thought it had been
solved, which is probably why I didn't pay close attention.

> The odd thing is I don't get this. I've run this sequence:
> $ git clone --mirror ssh://
> ...
> $ (cd gnucash.git; git fetch --all)
> ... (no errors)
> $ git clone --local -b trunk gnucash.git gnucash-trunk
> Cloning into 'gnucash-trunk'...
> done.
> Checking out files: 100% (2582/2582), done.
> $ cd gnucash-trunk/
> $ git status
> # On branch trunk
> #
> # Initial commit
> #
> nothing to commit (create/copy files and use "git add" to track)

Hmm..  I'm running the exact same sequence and I have the issue!
That is odd!

> So as you can see, on my system these CRLF conversion errors are not
> appearing. I have no idea what's different. I'm on Fedora 18, 32bit. I
> have no config parameter set globally that relates in any way to crlf
> (no core.autocrlf or any other parameter).

What are the contents of your ~/.gitconfig?  Mine are:

	name = Derek Atkins
	email = derek at
	st = status
	default = tracking
	ui = auto

> So I'm a bit surprised you do run into these. Just like Christian does.
> Perhaps a locale setting ? This is what my locale is set to:
> $ locale
> LANG=en_US.utf8
> LC_CTYPE="en_US.utf8"
> LC_NUMERIC=nl_BE.utf8
> LC_TIME=nl_BE.utf8
> LC_COLLATE="en_US.utf8"
> LC_MONETARY=nl_BE.utf8
> LC_MESSAGES="en_US.utf8"
> LC_PAPER="en_US.utf8"
> LC_NAME="en_US.utf8"
> LC_ADDRESS="en_US.utf8"
> LC_TELEPHONE="en_US.utf8"

For me everything is en_US.UTF-8.   I wonder if that makes a difference
versus yours, en_US.utf8?

> My git version is git-

Exact same version.


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