Multi-Column Report

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Jul 14 12:54:00 EDT 2013

Op 14/07/13 13:46, Carsten Rinke schreef:
> Hi Geert,
> have you had a chance to look at *Bug 638971* 
> <> ? (Multicolumn 
> report does not show more than one graph)
> Just wanted to let you know that there still seem to be some issues 
> about it and whether this should be followed up in the same bug or 
> rather a new bug.
> I could also start looking into this if you did not plan for this so far.
> But I cannot commit to any delivery date (e.g. 2.5.4).
> Can I join this topic or would that just be double-work?
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Carsten
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Hi Carsten,

Thank you for the heads up.

I saw your comment on the bug and have just replied to it.

I intend to look into this problem. But I won't be not at my development 
machine until the end of the month, so I can only look then. If you want 
to look into it before that time, you're welcome to do so. Otherwise 
I'll pick it up myself.


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