Gnucash Bounty Program: Eight tasks still open

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Jul 14 15:18:18 EDT 2013

The Gnucash Bounty Program GCBoP has been running for six weeks by now and 
will continue for almost two weeks. 

So far, the open tasks have been worked on quite successfully: All Bugzilla 
tasks are completed (though two of them turned out to be fixed or non-
reproducible or both). From the Uservoice request list, two new features have 
been completed as well. In that sense, the program is successful.

On the other hand, the tasks have been worked on only by already active 
gnucash developers: Geert and myself. The program has not yet attracted new 
developers for working on gnucash features. Admittedly, some of the uservoice 
tasks are too large and complex for newcomers, but on the other hand, some of 
the uservoice tasks are quite compact. IMHO, the following tasks can be worked 
on without too much knowledge about the gnucash codebase, so that even 
newcomers have a realistic chance of implementing the described feature:

- Make it easier for users to work with alternative/non-ISO/private 
currencies. (Bug 657215)
- Add the ability to attached scanned images to invoices. (Bug 336843)
- Type ahead search when entering the accounts to a transaction (Bug 545160)
- More charting: Budget vs. Actual chart (Bug 700801)
- Better Budgeting (Bug 700802)
- Allow the database to be secured by way of a password (Bug 700803) 

For details, see

In the last remaining two weeks of the bounty program, I encourage anyone here 
to think about implementing one of these features, and hopefully submitting a 
patch so that the task can be completed and the bounty be awarded. Thanks for 
everyone contributing here! Keep up the good work!



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