Default split order in release 2.5.3

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Jul 21 11:03:58 EDT 2013

Am Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013, 07:21:19 schrieb David Carlson:
> I have noticed that the order of the split lines in a split transaction
> does not default to the same order as it does in in the old register
> style of previous releases.  This is most noticeable in paycheck
> transaction entries, but if I track purchase details at certain stores,
> it appears there too.  While I did not like the old behavior, I had
> managed to find a way to get the order to be consistently the same in
> similar transactions.  Sometimes I even entered line numbers in the
> Action fields so that I could detect when the order changed.
> 1.  Will I need to resort to doing that regularly to get otherwise
> seemingly random entries to a consistent order?
> 2.  What if I am entering a stock transaction where I need the Action to
> be an Action, then how would I force a certain order that is not based
> on a simple sort?
> 3.  What is the default split line order in release 2.5.3?
> 4.  How can I force it to match the old behavior?

I think the current split order in 2.5.x in the new register style 
("register2") is still a point for discussion. IMHO it should be changed to 
match the old behaviour exactly, and only in subsequent steps there should be 
options or similar to switch to different sort orders. If the current new 
register2 split sort order doesn't match the old one, can you file a bug with 
a simple example file and an exact description on how it is different? I think 
you already did so, but can't remember it here.



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