question re GNUcash

David Wagner david.wagner at
Wed Jul 24 17:52:49 EDT 2013

Hi hope you can help,


I have successfully downloaded and installed GNUcash.

It was a very nice surprise to see that the product matched the marketing .


I hope you can help with this question, we have:


1.       several investment properties & loans for properties.

2.       a mortgage on our home

3.       also a line of credit and a savings account.

4.       There is one credit card.


I am wondering if GNUcash has the ability to work with all of them and
provide forecasting reports.

Meaning, if we use the line of credit to pay the loan payments for the
investment properties and focus the rent, tax deductions etc on the

1.       How long would it take for the mortgage to be paid off?

2.       How long will the line of credit last?

3.       When would we be able to borrow more funds to purchase another

4.       How much would be able to borrow?

5.       What would be the equity growth.


Hope the answer is yes.


Great product thank you for making it free.


David Wagner

Mobile: 0477-310-434




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