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Sun Jul 28 09:57:18 EDT 2013

Hi Robert,

the problem with a vertical box and 2 horizontal boxes is that I want the left boxes of each row to have the same horizontal size.  Same for middle boxes and right boxes.  Instead, I am using a table.

I'll try playing with expand and fill values.  When I tried before, they still didn't do what I wanted.  Maybe I missed something.


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Subject: Need some Gtk help


I may of misunderstood you but here is what I think...
You are trying to keep the left column, bottom four rows and the right
column on screen at all times. To do this, I think you will require 6 tree
views, top 3 pointing to one model and the bottom 3 pointing to a second.

With that in mind, I would start with a vertical box, into this you pack
two horizontal boxes and into each you pack the scroll windows for each
tree view, take care with the packing expand and fill options as the two
outer scroll windows you want them false I think, only the middle one has
expand and fill. Like wise when you add the bottom hbox I think you want
both false.

Remove the vertical scrollbar on the three bottom windows, you will need a
column on the middle tree views set to expand also. Setup a call backs to
keep all three top vertical scrollbars and both first and second horizontal
scrollbars in sync.


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