GnuCash Bounty Program GCBoP has started! Running until July 26

Christian Stimming christian at
Sat Jun 8 04:29:52 EDT 2013

The GnuCash Bounty Program "GCBoP" has started and is running until July 26. 
We invite everybody to review the list of eligible tasks and to contribute 
patches that complete those tasks. Every finished task will be awarded a $200 
bounty! For the details, see

and the key points below.

How does it work?

The GCBoP program puts a bounty on the completion of any of the tasks that are 
listed on our GCBoP page [1], for any contributions received between June 1 
and July 26, 2013.

Some of the current developers will be act as Evaluators. As soon as some 
contributor sends in a patch that completes a task, one evaluator from our 
Pool of Evaluators will evaluate this contribution and decide whether a task 
is "done" so that the bounty is paid.

What are the eligible tasks?
The following items from Bugzilla (see [1] for the clickable list) are tasks 
whose completion will be rewarded by a $200 bounty (or 160 EUR):

   * 514492 Win32: Crash when loading data file with invalid txn dates
   * 669964 Importing log file from a transaction that moves money between 
mutual funds creates a brokentransaction
   * 672595 If the data file is not saved when the new file wizard terminates, 
no confirmation is issued if you exit gnucash
   * 678103 Crash when creating new invoice
   * 691587 Crash while loading corrupted .gnucash/stylesheet-2.0 

Also, the following items from are tasks whose 
completion will be rewarded by a $200 bounty (or 160 EUR) as well:

   * Transaction Classifications (Bug 113772)
   * Add Undo Functionality (Bug 509267)
   * Make it easier for users to work with alternative/non-ISO/private 
currencies. (Bug 657215)
   * Add the ability to attached scanned images to invoices. (Bug 336843)
   * Type ahead search when entering the accounts to a transaction (Bug 
   * More charting: Budget vs. Actual chart (Bug 700801)
   * Better Budgeting (Bug 700802)
   * Allow the database to be secured by way of a password (Bug 700803)
   * Manually change ordering of Transactions (Bug 700804)
   * Allow saving of Custom Reports without changing name, overwriting 
existing report (Bug 649284) 

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