Python Binding for Windows Version 2.5

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Jun 13 06:18:26 EDT 2013

Am Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013, 17:27:38 schrieb Rand Batchelder:
> The python bindings were never enabled for the windows binaries previously.
> Will the python bindings be enabled for the windows binaries in ver 2.5 ?

No, they will not.

The previous answer by David T. says it all:

> My understanding about why the Windows and Mac builds skip installing
> Python is that these OSes do not consistently provide Python to users.
> Including it by default in GnuCash for these platforms would require
> GnuCash to include Python in the distribution, with concomitant file size
> problems and requiring GnuCash to keep an updated Python.

in other words, the gnucash windows binary with its current 70MB would have to 
grow even more to contain one complete python binary (and not only its gnucash 
bindings) with the correct version that fits the version that is used by the 
build server to build the python gnucash bindings. Current python installers 
come at 20MB size. We won't do that.

But feel free to provide a build script and/or a separate binary package that 
adds the bindings to an existing gnucash package...



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