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As a long-time PC user, and an 8-year convert to Macs, I *still* don't like the auto-append naming thing in OS X. I can't tell you how many times I have found the same download multiple times because I wasn't sure if a download had worked...

But that's neither here nor there. I agree that allowing duplicate report names is not in the user's interest, and think Derek's or (secondly) John's suggestions make more sense. Although, in John's case, I am not sure how the user would ever be able to change a report and save the changes to that report. ISTM you'd still need a dialog like Derek suggests.


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On Jun 27, 2013, at 7:04 AM, Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:
>>> HOWEVER, I do think that we should only have a single saved report of
>>> the same name. I.e., if we save a Balance Sheet report it goes into
>>> Custom/Balance Sheet which is fine. But if you *resave* it, IMHO it
>>> should overwrite the previously saved Custom report of the same name.
>> That may not be the user's real intention. Instead the user may want to
>> generate a second report based on the same base report, but using different
>> settings. So I think automatically overwriting the previously saved report may
>> result in user frustration. At the very least we should ask the user what she
>> wants to do.
> I'm not sure..  Perhaps the best way to do it would be to do it similar
> to other systems and prompt the user: "Another saved report already
> exists with the name XXX.  Overwrite?  [Cancel] [OK]" This would prompt
> them to change the name if they really want two reports with the same
> name.

Alternatively, do what Macs do: append ' (n)' to the name part of the filename,
where n is a positive integer incremented as necessary.

John Ralls

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