Gnu cash- I need an UNDO button

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 28 11:48:51 EDT 2013


Jennifer Stratton <jenn4talk at> writes:

> I'm a total amateur and am always entering something I didn't mean to
> or deleting the wrong thing.  I need an undo button that will undo the
> last function completed.  Would love it

Alas, there is none right now, and AFAIK none in the works.  I believe
there is an open RFE for this, and patches are always welcome.

In the meantime you always have the option to Quit without Saving.  That
will let you revert back to your last saved file.  Similarly, if you
save often you can always revert back to a backup (which gets created at
every 'save').

> thanks

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