Report system legacy

Mike Alexander mta at
Sat Jun 29 01:46:08 EDT 2013

--On June 28, 2013 10:22:25 PM +0200 Christian Stimming 
<christian at> wrote:

> I think we shouldn't add any suffix to the report name automatically.
> I also  think we shouldn't have multiple saved reports with the same
> name. To resolve  this, I think Derek's proposal works best: Saving
> the report requires a unique  name among the saved custom reports
> (but which might be identical to the non- custom report). If the
> report with this name already exists as custom report,  the user gets
> a question "Another report already exists with the name XX.
> Overwrite? [Cancel] [Ok]" and no additional options. If the user
> doesn't want  to overwrite, he/she always can guess to "Cancel" here
> and then change the  name to have it unique again.

This sounds like a good plan to me.


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