Any volunteers for extending our support services on Uservoice?

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Mar 2 10:00:25 EST 2013

On Mar 2, 2013, at 6:30 AM, Christian Stimming <christian at> wrote:

> Gnucash has been using the Uservoice service for quite some time by now, see 
> However, the site offers some more and interesting services that might be very 
> useful for our community as well: Ticket system, Knowledbase Articles, 
> Knowledbase Topics, and probably others I didn't discover so far. Gnucash is 
> subscribed there in a plan that allows using all those services, and also 
> adding as many administrators as we like.
> Are you interested in improving gnucash's support services? Would you like to 
> try out some of those extra features and make them a real helper for the 
> everyday user questions that arise here or elsewhere?
> As for myself, I know I don't have much time for gnucash work right now 
> besides occasional development (especially for German online banking). But if 
> you can give it a try to improve gnucash's user support, feel free to drop me 
> a note. I will provide you with the necessary accounts at uservoice and you 
> can just start to work with any of the features that are available there. This 
> would be a big help for our community. Thanks!

Is there some compelling benefit to using Uservoice's facilities instead of what we
use now -- compelling enough to justify the many hours needed to transfer all of
bugs from Bugzilla and the Wiki articles to the "Knowledgebase"?

John Ralls

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