Windows build: HTML Help Workshop crash

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Mar 10 10:45:08 EDT 2013

I'm trying to debug and fix the crash in the windows build's call to the HTML 
Help Workshop. As noted before, it crashes during creation of the ja_JP guide. 
There is one single error message in the ja_JP section of yesterday's build 
log that might be related to this crash:

> Processing guide (ja_JP) ...
> Writing ch01s02.html for sect1(oview-features1)
> ERROR: xref linking to fdl has no generated link text.
> Error: no ID for constraint linkend: fdl.

Does it complain that there are link tags with the target "fdl" but there is 
no anchor of that name? The anchor is in the file fdl-appendix.xml. Does 
anyone know whether that entity might not be used correctly during the windows 
build? Any further ideas here?


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