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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Wed Mar 13 14:19:06 EDT 2013

Op 13-03-13 18:28, Ted Creedon schreef:
> any way to adjust the font size for the register views??
> thanks
> tedc
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The font sizes are gtk's defaults. You can alter this. How is system 

On linux, use the gnome control panel to change the system's default 
font sizes.

On Windows GnuCash ships with a small tool to change the theme. This 
tool also lets you change the default font sizes. You can find it in the 
start menu together with the gnucash applications.

On Mac OS X, I have forgotten the details again. I believe you have to 
hand edit a .gtkrc file if I remember correctly. I think you can find 
more information either in the wiki or in the list archives. It has been 
mentioned a couple of times already.


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