font sizing

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Mar 14 09:58:16 EDT 2013

Op 14-03-13 10:48, Ted Creedon schreef:
> OpenSuse 12.3 rc2
> Already changed ..gtkrc-2.0-kde4 works OK but would like to use bold. Is
> there a directory w/ available fonts?
You can use System settings->Font manager to get an overview of 
installed fonts. Is that what you mean ?

You can probably use a bold font by simply configuring it in the gtk 
module. When you choose a font and size, you can also choose for bold, 
italic and other modifiers (font dependent). I'm pretty sure that you 
will need the additional step of copying the generated font definition 
from gtk-font-name to font_name in your .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 file for it to 
actually show up though.

> thanks
> tedc
> PS The multi year capability of gnucash is very helpful. Especially w/ IRS
> audits for 2010 & 2011 & capital gains for property bought 8 years ago.
> The IRS said I was the most organized taxpayer ever.
Nice :)


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