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Sun Mar 31 06:54:24 EDT 2013

Most of it is in there. This page
had a list of features that were already complete for 2.6. Perhaps some of these are worth mentioning as well.


John Ralls <jralls at> schreef:

>I've got trunk passing distcheck now, so I'm going to bump and tag
>tonight and release tomorrow. Here's my NEWS item. Did I miss anything?
>John Ralls
>      The Gnucash Development Team is pleased to release Gnucash 2.5.0,
>	 the first release of an unstable series leading to Gnucash 2.6.0.
>	 This release is UNSTABLE and SHOULD NOT BE USED in production.
>	 Robert Fewell has contributed a rewrite of the ledger
>	 (Gnucash's primary interface window) to use the GtkTreeModel
>	 (select "register 2" from the menu) as well as a new CSV
>	 import/export facility for account trees.
>	 Gnucash now requires Gtk+-2.24 and GLib-2.26. We've removed
>	 most of the dependencies on libraries obsoleted by project
>	 Ridley and will in position to move to Gtk+-3.x once the
>	 GtkTreeModel register window work is complete. This means
>	 that Gnucash 2.5 requires Debian 6, RHEL 6, or one of the
>	 more aggressive distributions like Ubuntu.
>	 Gnucash now works with Guile-2.0.
>	 The business module has been revamped and we introduce a new
>	 feature, Credit Notes. It is now possible to import customers
>	 and vendors from a CSV file as well.
>	 The "Num" field is now optionally per-split rather than
>	 per-transaction.
>	 When opening a locked "book" one now has the option of
>	 opening it read-only. Note that Gnucash is still a
>	 single-user program and that the databaase backends are still
>	 used only as a data store.
>	 Gnucash is no longer subject to the "2038" bug, so that
>	 30-year mortgages can now be entered correctly.
>	 By agreement of all authors we have relicensed Gnucash to the
>	 Gnu Public License Version 2 or later from just Version 2.
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