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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Mar 31 06:57:35 EDT 2013


Thank you for your offer. Improvements in the report system are very welcome ! As are testing facilities for it.

I won't be available to look into this code for the next two weeks, but if nobody does before me, I'll certainly check it out afterwards.


Peter Broadbery <p.broadbery at> schreef:

>I've been modifying the report code to remove the current rather bad
>quadratic behaviour it sometimes displays.  Current results take a 10
>second multi-year balance report down below a second.
>Would there be interest in getting this work into trunk? Obviously, it
>needs further cleanup and testing, but I thought an early heads up to
>the mailing list would be useful for getting comments.
>There is a work in progress in
> It
>adds new reports (prefixed with 'blah' for no good reason), so they
>can be run side by side with the existing reports.  It also adds
>various simple tests that exercise both the standard reports and my
>modified versions.
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