2.6 roadmap

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Mon Nov 4 16:34:01 EST 2013

With 2.5.7 out of the door, I would like to look ahead at 2.6.

I have just gone through the open bugs targeting the 2.6 milestone and 
reduced the set from 21 to 14. Some of the bugs I removed were actually 
bugs against register2 which is not a feature for 2.6 any more. Some 
need more info before we can decide (now marked as NEEDINFO).

Are these bugs the remaining issues for 2.6 or is someone still working 
on something that should get included ?

In these bugs I don't see anything that would still introduce major 
translation changes.

There may be one translation issue left though: normally the gsettings 
schemas are translatable, but they currently aren't properly marked for 
translation. If I do that, this will include lots of translatable 
strings. Most of them were already in the gconf schema, so ideally most 
translations will simply be reused from before. I haven't tested this 

Question is: can we do a string freeze now, or should we wait for this 
to get fixed ?

>From earlier conversations, the last plan was to release 2.6 by the end 
of the year. Is this realistic ?


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